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Hello nowadays ubuntu has been used for server installaton as well because it new package and features contents many which helps in datacenter expansion as well.

Currently if you are using Linux server of centos or debian , you would be surprised to know that its quite easy .However  some do not offer graphical based GUI with some high graphics .

Now we will go ahead and start the installation process of Ubuntu 16.04. All the necessary steps have been mentioned below.


Installing the Ubuntu server

Step 1 : 
First download the ISO for Ubuntu 16.04 . Then create a bootable disk or USB for the same .After that plug the USB or Disk in the drive and boot it via bootable option .

Ubuntu 16.04 – ISO                                                Create bootable USB drives the easy way

ubuntu-16.04- step1


Step 2 : 

1.Select language for installation

2.Select Location  ( for local timezone)

3.Select the keyboard you would like to use as default language.

After that you will be ask to enter the hostname and for moving forward press TAB key and enter .

ubuntu-16.04- step2

Step 3 : 

After entering the Hostname and moving forward by continue next few details will be asked to continue the process of installation.

  1. Type a full name for the non-root user.
  2. Type a username for the non-root user.
  3. Enter and confirm a password for the non-root user.
  4. Select if you want the new user’s home directory to be encrypted.
  5. Specify the time zone correctly. If you have done entered wrong time zone, then hit the Tab key until No is highlighted and hit the Enter key.

    ubuntu-16.04- step3
    Step 4 :

    You must select how you want the installer to partition the disks . Unless you need to partition your drive in a non-traditional manner, I highly recommend selecting one of the Guided options.

    ubuntu-16.04- step4

Step 5:
Recommend selecting one of the LVM (Logical Volume Management) options here, as it will make managing partitions quite a bit easier. Depending upon the option you select, your next steps will vary. For example, if you select one of the LVM options, you’ll have to enter a size for the installation volume

ubuntu-16.04- step5

Step 6 : 

Now you’ll be asked if a proxy is necessary to access the outside world. If your company is behind a proxy, enter it here . Then tab down to Continue and hit the Enter key on your keyboard.

ubuntu-16.04- step6

Step 7 :

Now you  need to select how the system will be updated. You have 3 choices:

  • No Automatic Updates
  • Install Security Updates Automatically
  • Manage System With Landscape

What you select will depend upon how you plan on managing the server. The default choice is No Automatic Updates.

Now we get to the software selection process. You can either do a full-blown manual package selection, or you can select from the list

ubuntu-16.04- step7

Final Step :

The package selection process uses the tasksel tool. If you’re unsure which packages you want to install, you can always go back once the installation is complete and run tasksel from the terminal and install any packages necessary.

The final step before rebooting is to install the GRUB bootloader. Unless you’ve selected a non-traditional partitioning scheme, select Yes at this point, and the boot loader will be installed to the master boot record.

When prompted, reboot the system, and log in as the user you set up during installation.


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